Spider-Man and "Hogan"

I enjoy the intersection of comics and film, as typified in movies like American Splendor and Crumb, on the one hand; and X-Men and Sin City, on the other. So when The Cleveland Plain Dealer announced a local casting call for Spider-Man 3, I leapt at the opportunity to be part of Cleveland's movie-making future.

I was cast as an extra, a precison driver to be exact.

This page will lead you to pictures from the Spider-Man set (special thanks to John Stockdale for many of the pics); interviews with some of the precision drivers; and (courtesy of Garboo.com and the Spider-Man 3 Official Movie Blog) some short movie clips showing "The Making of Spider-Man 3!"

Click here for the movie clips. You'll see film footage that never made it into the theatrical release. That's a real plus for true Spider-Man fans!

On set, several extras encouraged me to list with a Cleveland talent agency to advance a career in film and media; and that required a portfolio. Click here for that portfolio: Portraits.

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