Most of my weaving is conceptual (a word I would like to use in its normal sense, rather than as it has been recontextualized in art vernacular); and it deals with a wide range of topics pertaining to language, information, knowledge, psychology, cognition and communication.

"Gina" is one exception.

"Gina" was created for "bye bye", a fiber competition sponsored by Stichting Beeldende Amateurkunst (SBA) to mark the end of one millenium - and celebrate the beginning of another.

Near the end of an earlier century, Degas, Renoir, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec all (at one time or another), depicted young women kneeling or sitting, and engaged in the bath or some domestic chore. Without having first referred to those paintings, I decided to try something along the same lines, albeit as a weaving - of a dancer - and with far greater simplicity of detail.

Gina was a dancer at an Akron cabaret. She posed for a simple drawing, which was then transcribed to grid paper. This was then woven in double weave pick-up (like all of my work) as the last piece of a warp that had been devoted to brain sections and microchips.

The demands of weaving, reading, writing and museum design make deep inroads into my time; but I hope some day to add more work to the series begun with "Gina".


W. Logan Fry
May 18, 2003