George M. Snyder George M. Snyder  ‎(I26)‎
George M. Snyder

Gender: Male

Birth: 4 February 1814 22 23 Lehigh Co. PA
Death: 24 August 1892 ‎(Age 78)‎

Personal Facts and Details

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Notes: Brief Snyder Family History

The First Generation

Johann Frederich Schneider arrived in Philadelphia, PA on September 11, 1738 from the Rhineland
possibly Heidelberg on the ship "Robert & Alice". He settled in Egypt, PA and married Anna Maria
Saeger who was born in Darmstadt, Germany in 1721 and came to America in 1733 with her parents.
This marriage took place in 1740. Our tie is the birth of Johann Samuel Schneider on November 20,
1742. He was baptised ‎(sic)‎ in the Egypt church on March 6, 1743.

Second Generation

Johann Samuel Schneider was raised in Heidelberg Township and he served in the Revolutionary War.
Chuch ‎(sic)‎ records are missing but believe his marriage resulted in 4 boys and 3 girls and perhaps
others. Our family link is the birth of Jost ‎[A.]‎ Schneider on June 19, 1788 in Lowhill Township in
Lehigh County.

Third Generation

Jost ‎[A.]‎ Schneider married Salome Bachmannn ‎(spelling?: Bachman)‎ ‎(born June 26, 1790)‎ around 1810.
Jost served in the War of 1812 and was in the Battle of New Orleans. By 1819 Jost and Salome had five
‎(children who were: Joshua (born Feb. 1, 1811)‎, Elizabeth ‎(May 25, 1814)‎, Johann George ‎(Feb. 4, 1814)‎
‎(he later became our George M.)‎, Peter ‎(Oct. 21, 1815)‎, Sophia ‎(July 14, 1816)‎. Also in 1819 Jost and
Salome and the children with their loaded wagon made their way through mountains and forests to
Greene ‎[Green]‎ township in Summit County. Jost brought his loom with him and supported his family by
farming, hunting and weaving. This was a rugged life living in an ill heated log cabin and with many
privations and hardships. Somewhere along the way Jost changed his last name to Snyder.

Jost also found time, with Salome's help to have the following additional children: Isaiah, Jacob, Daniel,
Joel, Jonas, Abraham, Nathaniel, Ezra ‎(also spelled Isarah)‎. Of these, the only one we know much about
was Abraham who served in the Civil War and founded Snyder's Mill at Millheim. This became an Ohio
historical landmark. This mill is now gone but the site can be seen at the first dam remnants on the
headwaters of the Tuscarawas River. One ‎[Abraham's]‎ daughters married a Tritt and they founded Tritts
Mill ‎(still standing)‎ down the river. One son Paul moved to Starke County, Indiana. As far as we know,
all of rest of the children lived and died in this part of Ohio.

********************* Transcribed from Centennial History of Summit County *********************

‎[Jost A.]‎ Snyder was born August 25, 1791, in Low Hill Township, Lehigh County,
Pennsylvania, and came to Green Township, Summit County, which was then part of Stark County,
after his marriage. He served under General Jackson in the War of 1812, and participated in the
Battle of New Orleans. When he settled in Summit County, he had a wagon and two horses, by means
of which he had transported his family and possessions over the 500 miles between the old home and
the new, and a money capital of $105, all but five dollars of which he paid for twenty acres of
land. To this first purchase he made seven additions of adjoining land, and at his death owned
sixty-three acres. He built first a cabin of logs, 10 by 15 feet in dimensions, which was
supplanted by a larger cabin having a board roof, and this in turn was followed by a hewed-log
house, two a half stories in height, its dimensions being 30 by 20 feet, and his fourth
house and the last one which he erected was also of logs, framed about, 24 by 10 feet in
dimensions, with a kitchen attached which was 10 by 12 feet.

‎[Jost]‎ Snyder was a man of pioneer robustness and was reasonably proud of his prowess in hunting
bear, and frequently shot wolves and deer on the very land on which Akron now stands. He never
forgot the friends of his youth, and during his subsequent residence in Ohio, walked the distance
of 500 miles back to Pennsylvania to visit those left behind, on three occasions. He was welcome
wherever he went, being a man of kindly nature, jovial spirit and great native intelligence. He
married Salome Baughman ‎(actually Bachman)‎ and they had fifteen children, namely: Joshua, Elizabeth,
George ‎[M./Mathias]‎, Peter, Joel, Isaiah, Jacob, Daniel, Paul, Ezra, Jonas, Abraham, Nathan, Jonathan and
Sophia, all surviving to a good age except two, one of these being an unnamed infant born next to the
youngest. They grew up resembling their father, large, fine appearing men and women. The survivors
are: Nathan, residing in Brimfield Township, Portage County; Paul, residing in West Township, Marshall
County, Indiana, and Abraham of Springfield Township.

************************************** End of Transcription **************************************

Salome died May 17, 1855 and is buried under the church parking lot near Uniontown Cemetary. This was
originally the Lutheran Evangelical Cemetary. The cemetary was torn up to make room for the Lutheran
Church and was later destroyed by fire. The Episcopal Church now ocupy this plot and all buried there
are acknowleged by a marker.

Sarah Snyder, wife of Joshua son of Jost is also buried under the parking lot. She died May 11, 1841.
Jost died Mar. 18, 1876 an is buried in the Snyder family plot in Uniontown Cemetary. Buried here are
Polly Snyder 1829-1882, Melinda Snyder 1834-1909, Nathan Snyder 1833-1917, and Joel Snyder
1820-1879. Nathan and Joel are sons of Jost evidently, Polly and Melinda were their wives. We have
no information on children of these marriages.

Fourth Generation

Our George M. Snyder was reared on the pioneer farm and assisted in clearing the land. He found time to
learn the mason trade and also learned to operate the old family loom in the long cold winter months.
George had a very hard life and never learned to read or write English until the time of the Civil War. He
taught himself to read with the help of his children.

His first marriage was to Catherine Ann Harter of Franklin Township on Nov. 2, 1837. There were three
children born: Henry William ‎(Oct. 31, 1838)‎, George abourt 1840, and Catherine Ann born about 1842
but died in infancy. George's Catherine died in 1812 and is buried in Lockwood Cemetary.

Henry ‎[William]‎ married Rebecca Ludwick in 1859 and moved to Gratiot County, Michigan in 1868. He and
his wife had many children and used to come in to attend the old George M. Snyder family reunions. The
only thing we know about ‎[younger]‎ George is that he died in Columbus, Ohio ‎(year not known)‎. Henry
died in Michigan in 1930.

George's second marriage was to Mary Ann Rex possibly about 1834-1844. She died on Nov. 13, 1870
and is buried in Lakewood Cemetary. George married a third time to Lucinda Deaters. There were no
children, and she died on Jan. 12, 1911 and is buried in Lakewood Cemetary.

George's marriage to Mary Ann Rex resulted in many children. They are: Eliza JAne ‎(approx. 1843, died infant)‎,
Jacob ‎(May 16, 1845, died Sept. 6 1908)‎, Sadie ‎(approx. 1847)‎, Mary ‎(approx. 1848)‎, Hazel ‎(born approx. 1848)‎
died as a child and buried in Lockwood Cemetary), Daniel ‎(born 1849, died 1935 buried in Lakewood)‎
Lewis M. ‎[Mathias]‎ ‎(Nov. 16, 1853 died June 25, 1932 buried in Lakewood)‎, Thomas ‎(Aug. 16, 1857, died
Feb. 28. 1922)‎, Lucy, Inez, William, Elvena, and Emma.

**************** Long Transcription from Centennial History ‎(Abraham Snyder)‎ Omitted ****************

Fourth Generation ‎[Continued]‎

We have come across a Summit County death notice of an Isarah Snyder who was born in Green Township and
died in Norton in 1876. Have not pursued further. We believe him to be the son of Jost and Salome.

We need to do some ‎[further]‎ research on this fourth generation.

By: Richard C. ‎(Snyder)‎ Sauber.

Note: "Brief Snyder Family History" given to Frieda M. Fry on July 10, 1995 by Jack Snyder ‎(husband of Blanche
and nephew of Frieda)‎; and then by her to her son, Wm L. Fry, on November 16, 1996. Transcription from
Centennial History of Summit County by Richard C. ‎(Snyder)‎ Sauber. Biographical information on Abraham Snyder
and his lineage omitted. Additions/changes shown in brackets.

Source: Brief Snyder Family History
Publication: Unpublished monograph. Undated.

Shared Note
Notes: George M. Snyder & Mary Ann Rex

George M. Snyder was born in Pennsylvania, in 1814, and was four years old when the family came
to Ohio. His parents were Joseph ‎[Jost A.]‎ and Mary ‎(Bachman)‎ Snyder, who left Pennsylvania with their
loaded wagons and ox-teams and made their slow way across the mountains and through the uncleared
forests until they reached Summit County. They settled in Green Township, erecting a primitive
log cabin, in which they lived during the remainder of their lives which, reached into old age.
They had numerous children, some of whom succumbed to the hardships and privations of pioneer
life, but twelve reached maturity, as follows: Peter; Joshua; George ‎[M.]‎; Elizabeth who married
‎(first)‎ Mr. Hoobler and ‎(second)‎ a Samuel Messer; Sophia who married ‎(first)‎ George Tritt and
‎(second)‎ a Mr. Babb; Jacob; Daniel; Paul; residing in Starke County, Indiana; Joel; Abraham,
residing in Green Township, Summit County; Jonathan, and Nathaniel. The children took after their
parents, being large of frame and of robust constitution.

George M. Snyder was reared on the pioneer farm and assisted in its clearing. His educational
chances were few, schoolhouses were far apart and in so large a family there was always work
ready for every hand. He learned the mason’s trade and worked at it during the season, helped to
farm and in the winter, assisted to work the old loom, weaving cloth. His marriage did not make
much difference in his employment, merely transferring them to another place, for those were days
when everything was hand-made and there was little leisure for any one. Occasionally he would
take his gun and go out for game, which was then very plentiful, and would shoot deer, turkeys
and bear, and on one occasion a wild hog. His son still preserves a dangerous-looking tooth,
which was one of its defensive weapons. After his children had grown up he settled down to
farming, purchasing 125 acres of the land on which the village of Snydertown now stands, and he
owned property also at Barberton. He was a man who was well known all through this section He
died at the age of seventy-eight years.

George M. Snyder was married ‎(first)‎ to Catherine Harter, who was a daughter of Jacob Harter, one
of the pioneers in the neighborhood of Barberton. Mrs. Snyder died and left three children:
Henry, and George and Catherine, both of whom are deceased. Mr. Snyder was married ‎(second)‎ to
Mary Ann Rex, who was a daughter of Jacob Rex. She died in 1871, aged forty-three years, the
mother of fourteen children. They were as follows: Eliza Jane who died in infancy; Jacob; Sadie,
who married Harry Deisem; Daniel W.; Mary, who married Dr. Anderson; Lewis ‎[Mathias]‎; Thomas J.; Lucy, who
died in infancy; William; Inez, who married L. Horner; Evelyna, who married H. Pontius; Emma who
married William Stott; and two younger children who died in infancy.

Note: Transcribed from source. Additions/changes shown in brackets.

Source: Centennial History of Summit County, Ohio & Representative CitizensCentennial History of Summit County, Ohio & Representative Citizens

In the 1850 U.S. Census for Coventry Township, OH, George Snyder's "Profession, Occupation, or Trade" is given as "Weaver."

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Family with Parents
Jost A. Snyder ‎(I33)‎
Birth 25 August 1791 48 Low Hill Twp, Lehigh County, PA
Death 18 March 1876 ‎(Age 84)‎ Bur. Uniontown Cemetery, Uniontown, OH
-14 months
Salome Bachman ‎(I35)‎
Birth 26 June 1790 26
Death 17 May 1855 ‎(Age 64)‎ Lutheran Evangelical Cemetary, Uniontown, OH

Marriage: about 1810
4 years
George M. Snyder ‎(I26)‎
Birth 4 February 1814 22 23 Lehigh Co. PA
Death 24 August 1892 ‎(Age 78)‎
Family with Catherine Harter
George M. Snyder ‎(I26)‎
Birth 4 February 1814 22 23 Lehigh Co. PA
Death 24 August 1892 ‎(Age 78)‎
Catherine Harter ‎(I1829)‎
Death about 1840

Marriage: 2 November 1837 -- Franklin Township
1 year
Henry William Snyder ‎(I1830)‎
Birth 31 October 1838 24
Death 1931 ‎(Age 92)‎ Michigan
14 months
George Snyder ‎(I1831)‎
Birth 1840 25
Death Clolumbus
2 years
Catherine Ann Snyder ‎(I1832)‎
Birth about 1842 27
Family with Mary Ann Rex
George M. Snyder ‎(I26)‎
Birth 4 February 1814 22 23 Lehigh Co. PA
Death 24 August 1892 ‎(Age 78)‎
13 years
Mary Ann Rex ‎(I38)‎
Birth 9 June 1827 23 Franklin Twp, Summit Co., Ohio
Death 13 November 1870 ‎(Age 43)‎

Marriage: about 1842
1 year
Eliza Jane Snyder ‎(I352)‎
Birth 1843 28 15
Death interpreted 1843 (?)
2 years
Jacob Augustus Snyder ‎(I0105)‎
Birth 16 May 1845 31 17 Coventry Twp, Summit Co., Ohio
Death 6 September 1908 ‎(Age 63)‎
20 months
Sadie Snyder ‎(I354)‎
Birth about 1847 32 19
Death Yes
1 year
Mary Snyder ‎(I355)‎
Birth about 1848 33 20
Death Yes
Hazel Snyder ‎(I356)‎
Birth about 1848 33 20
Death Lockwood Cemetery
1 year
Daniel Webster Snyder ‎(I0099)‎
Birth 1849 34 21 Ohio
Death 1935 ‎(Age 86)‎ Lakewood Cemetery
9 years
Thomas Jefferson Snyder ‎(I1840)‎
Birth 16 August 1857 43 30
Death 28 February 1922 ‎(Age 64)‎
-5 years
Lewis Mathias Snyder ‎(I23)‎
Birth 16 November 1852 38 25
Death 25 June 1932 ‎(Age 79)‎ Lakewood Cemetery, Coventry, Ohio
Lucy Snyder ‎(I357)‎
Death Yes
Inez Snyder ‎(I358)‎
Death Yes
Emma Snyder ‎(I361)‎
Death Yes
Family with Lucinda Baughman
George M. Snyder ‎(I26)‎
Birth 4 February 1814 22 23 Lehigh Co. PA
Death 24 August 1892 ‎(Age 78)‎
16 years
Lucinda Baughman ‎(I1833)‎
Birth 1830 27 31
Death 12 January 1911 ‎(Age 81)‎ Lakewood Cemetery